Sport Court game court components are designed to integrate with one another for maximum use of space and variety of activity. Our SlamSystem and light poles are all tapped and drilled to allow you to set up your favorite net games across the court. Set your nets for tennis, badminton, men’s or women’s volleyball, and adjust easily and quickly between activities. For larger courts, we can install separate net poles for regulation play.

Ball Containment

Sport Court  also provides high quality ball containment( fencing). Vinyl coated chain link with powder coated black poles and rails. Customize your court with gates and diiferent heights to match your landscape.

  Nylon ball containment


Rebounder systems can be integrated into your ball containment, providing individual practice opportunities for soccer, tennis, baseball, and basketball. Target lines can be configured into a strike zone, tennis net, soccer goal, or you can practice your no-look passes into the springy ball-return netting.

rebounder for tennis, basketball, soccer and baseball

  10 ft x 10 ft rebounder

Batting Cages 

A backyard game court is a terrific place to set up your own professional batting cage. Support poles integrate into our ball-containment systems, and the batting cage netting is custom-built to your dimensions.

  base ball batting cage

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