PortaFloor is a superior temporary floor that installs over turf, grass, ice or other surfaces that can be easily rolled out to cover even the huge expanse of a football or soccer stadium. Your venue can quickly convert to a stage or floor, enabling you to host a wide variety of events while protecting your athletic surface investment.

Porta Floor® SSC

An interlocking, roll-up, modular surface cover system, specificaly designed for protection of synthetic turf, running tracks, tennis courts and other synthetic surfaces. 



Porta Floor Pro™

The ideal, versatile, roll-out solution for easily converting your outdoor or indoor facility into a stage for any event. Can be placed over artificial turf, dirt, ice, aspahlt, concrete and many other surfaces. This roll out system is UV resistant and effective in all weather conditions and temperatures.


Porta Floor® EX

Ideal for a wide variety of uses including hospitality tents, stadium grass protection, fairs, carnivals, trade shows, concerts, golf courses, lawns, corporate sporting events, parking lots, food service areas, marquees, walkways, dance floors, ADA requirements, access paths and more.


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