Sports Base (instead of concrete)

The Benefits of Using Sport Court’s SportBase™ Tiles over Pervious Concrete

SportBase has been designed for use in applications that require a temporary court, or in areas where concrete is not feasible or practical.  When drainage is a design requirement, SportBase may provide a better solution that pervious concrete.  The following factors should be considered when choosing between SportBase and pervious concrete:

Testing performed by Utah State University, one of the world leaders in biological and irrigation engineering, shows that fluid drainage through SportBase tiles is far superior to that of pervious concrete on an identical sub-base .  The limiting factor in any SportBase installation, as with pervious concrete, will be the drainage rate of the base over which it is installed.  When proper sub-base preparation is followed, SportBase tiles will easily meet any required drainage specification.  A chart showing relative values of reported drainage rates is shown below.  Some lots of SportBase have holes drilled in the corners, some do not.  As is evident in the chart, both version of the type provide excellent drainage.



SportBase is very easy to install and to remove, whereas pervious concrete is a permanent surface.

Ease of Installation
A full court using SportBase tiles can be installed in a matter of hours.  There is no additional time required for mixing, curing or drying.

Pervious Concrete requires professional design and installation.  Concrete thickness and porosity must be calculated and accurately produced for a successful installation.

SportBase tiles provide excellent shock absorption, resulting in a much safer surface with a lower probability of injury.

Pervious Concrete can be prohibitively expensive.  The cost of installing pervious concrete is much greater than that of normal concrete.  It also requires a greater degree expertise on the part of the contractor to install it correctly

Environmentally Friendly
SportBase tiles are made from 100% recycled materials.  Even materials that have been recycled multiple times can be used.

Weather resistance
SportBase can be used in many difference environments, including locations that are subject to freeze-thaw cycles that can damage pervious concrete. ,

Repair and Maintenance
In areas of high sedimentation, pervious concrete systems will lose permeability as sediment builds up in the voids.  An aggressive maintenance schedule of vacuum sweeping and high pressure washing is required to remove sediment buildup.

If sedimentation occurs around the edges of SportBase tiles, they can be independently removed in order to clean out the sediment build up, then put back in place.

Also, if changes occur to the sub-base due to erosion or other factors, the tiles can be easily removed, and the subsurface repaired 

Product Description
SportBase is a heavy-duty, easy to install, modular sub-base flooring system that is designed for outdoor weatherability, is environmentally friendly, and promotes water drainage.  SportBase provides a stable, high performance base for installing Sport Court modular products anywhere.     CLICK HERE FOR TECHINICAL INFORMATION


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