Form and Function.  Beauty and versatility.  Sport Court® Deck Tiles are an entirely new concept with limitless applications.  Regardless of where or how it's used, Sport Court® Decking is easy and quickly assembled with no messy or toxic adhesives.  It's also low maintenance, easily cleaned, and extremely durable.


Perfect for decks and patios.  Waterproof, UV-resistant and colorfast, it eliminates the need for re-staing or maintaining wood, and it covers damaged concrete.

        • Self-draining and eliminates puddles
        • Excellent cover for decks, patios, pool and Spa areas
        • Virtually maintenance free
        • Non-porous and will not harbour bacteria, fungus or viruses
        • Made of high impact plastic (polypropylene copolymer) which is a natural gas product
        • Will not soil, rot, blister or splinter
        • Load bearing capacity of 5000 lbs per tile
        • UV inhibitors added to prevent fading and break down from the sun
        • 10 year limited warranty


Sport Court Decking provides an attractive, easy to install, easier to maintain surface for patios, decks, garages—almost any flat space you want to protect or dress up. Waterproof, UV-resistant and colorfast, you can change the look of your faded back deck in a matter of hours, and in a variety of beautiful colors to match your house, fencing or yard. Requires virtually no maintenance or cleaning, and installs without adhesives or fasteners.



After installation

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Beige deck Tiles over painted concrete


Beige Deck Tiles over pavers

On Wood

On Vinyl

Over Concrete

As a Covering over Wood

On Cement

Cover Stained Wood

On Asphalt and
Concrete Driveways

On Patios and Porches


 Torch on Roof Membrane



Torch on Roof Membrane



Around Swimming Pools 


    Concrete Decks at Shoal Point Victoria Inner Harbour

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